Revenue Premier – Audit Manager

Tax and Revenue agencies are continually striving to improve efforts to identify and efficiently assess under-reported tax. Audit supervisors and managers need to effectively manage cases, monitor audit case progress and have the ability to easily identify the cases that require their involvement. Audit organizations are pressed to conduct more and better audits and auditors asked to complete more audits and perform more complex audit functions in less time and with less support staff. Managers, supervisors and auditors want easy access, in one place, to all information about an audit. For revenue agencies today, an effective audit case management system, or audit management system, must provide the following:

  • Tools to effectively track and manage audit case inventories.
  • Facilities to alert supervisors that their involvement in certain cases is required, to maximize return and accelerate completion.
  • A complete auditor "toolkit" to produce consistent workpapers in a package that includes time- saving analysis and data-handling functions, reduces errors through standardization and facilitates supervisory and taxpayer review by way of consistent audit result reports.
  • Simple maintenance of tax, interest and penalty rates to ensure that most recent tax law and locality rate changes are incorporated into the audit.
  • An end-to-end, integrated audit solution from case creation to detailed audit workpapers analysis that significantly increases efficiency and audit productivity.
  • Easy access, regardless of the auditor’s location, to the complete audit workpapers package and associated case information via a single electronic case folder.

Modern Compliance Management techniques, including leading-edge technology solutions, are needed to maximize output from an agency’s audit resources and produce the highest return on each audit hour expended.



Audit Management, with Revenue Premier Audit Manager, is designed to assist audit managers, supervisors and auditors in completing audits with maximum efficiency. Audit Manager consists of three core components of functionality: Audit Case Management, Workpapers Toolkit and Statistical Sampler. Each component is designed to work independently or as part of an integrated suite to provide an industry-leading integrated Audit Management solution for both auditors and audit managers. Over 1,700 users utilize one or more of Audit Manager’s core components to conduct audits every day.


RSI’s Revenue Premier Audit Manager is dedicated to addressing the complexities that auditors and audit supervisors face to ensure that all audit resources are as productive as possible. The Audit Case Management, Workpapers Toolkit and Statistical Sampler core components provide all auditors, desk and field, and their supervisors and managers with a powerful integrated suite of tools, all designed and proven to increase accuracy, consistency, efficiency and productivity of the end-to-end audit process.