Revenue Premier – Collections Manager

Business Challenge

Tax and Revenue agencies continue to strive for ways to improve their ability to locate delinquent taxpayers, identify assets and improve overall compliance and collections management. As their accounts receivable grows, agencies are asked to collect more with less resources. Managers need effective tools to track collector progress, monitor changes to accounts receivable and ensure timely collection actions against liabilities. In an effort to operate more effectively and efficiently, many agencies are relying on improved technology and consolidation of data to increase collections. To achieve these higher levels, agencies are looking for technical and business solutions centered on enabling a data-driven approach to case management and risk-based scoring to manage their case load.


RSI offers a range of collections management products and services from Revenue Premier Collections Manager to business process consulting services which utilize internal and external data sources to dramatically improve an agency’s ability to prioritize, manage and report on their accounts receivable. Each solution focuses on integration with the data necessary for skip-tracing, asset identification, responsible person management and management reporting. Collections Manager includes a single point of access for collectors to effectively manage their inventories: allowing for better identification of addresses, taxpayer assets and potential responsible persons, while providing external offset capabilities with external agencies. Online reporting capabilities allow supervisors to view their collectors’ cases and productivity in real time, with the ability to filter and sort on specific attributes, enabling them to quickly identify potential issues. RSI also provides consulting services and best practices ranging from Business Process Re-engineering/Improvement (BPR/BPI) to system and process enhancements, all directed towards providing agencies with a significant ongoing lift to collections.


RSI’s approach focuses on quick-hit initiatives, or high return on investment initiatives, to help fund the overall project. By doing so, agencies experience actual benefits early in the project instead of waiting for the final solution to be implemented. Experienced RSI staff work directly with the agency using a proven methodology to determine which aspects of the project will provide a significant early return on investment, as well as determine the criteria by which to measure these benefits. What follows is a breakdown of the specific areas of functionality for Collections Manager.


RSI is devoted to working with agencies to address the complexities of accounts receivable administration and providing these agencies with measurable efficiency gains through the intelligent use of data, enhanced case tracking, data-driven inventory management and performance measurement management reporting. Revenue Premier Collections Manager provides agencies, collectors and supervisors with a powerful case management solution and consulting services designed to increase productivity by providing collectors with the information they need to more effectively identify taxpayer information and collect outstanding accounts receivable.