Labor Administration

UI Benefit Overpayments are the 3rd largest source of improper payments at the federal level behind Medicare Payments and the Earned Income Credit.  Increasingly, UI agencies are being tasked with identifying and stopping invalid payments from being issued.  RSI has a proven solution, Labor Premier® UI Integrity Warehouse, that identifies, calculates, manages and recovers benefit overpayments. This includes value added products and services related to UI Tax Processing, Collections Management and Audit Management.

Additionally, RSI has been active in the state Labor Administration market for over 10 years and has a suite of products and services for state UI agencies.  This includes value added services related to UI Processing (including but not limited to Employer Registration, Experience Rating, Wage and Tax Reporting, Collections and Field Audit) and UI Integrity issues (such as SUTA Dumping, Field Audit Selection and Employer Misclassifications).  If you have needs in UI Tax Processing or UI Integrity it's highly likely RSI has implemented a solution to a similar situation and can assist you.

For more information on RSI's Labor Administration offerings check out the following pages:

  • Labor Premier
    An integrated, next-generation solution to support core Unemployment Insurance functions
  • Unemployment Mobile Platform
    A claimant engagement mobile application for the unemployment insurance market
  • RSI Works
    Connecting claimants to jobs as a part of filing Initial and Weekly Claims