Labor Premier

Revenue Solutions, Inc.’s (RSI’s) Labor Premier® is an integrated, next-generation solution to support core Unemployment Insurance functions including:

  • Employer Registration and Account Maintenance;
  • Employer Experience Rating;
  • Wage Report and Contribution Report Processing;
  • Payment Processing;
  • Employer Accounting and Financial Accounting;
  • Benefit Charging;
  • Federal and Management Reporting;
  • UI Integrity Issue Identification Including Benefit Overpayment Detection;
  • Collections/Recovery; and,
  • Audit Management and UI Desk and Field Audits.

Labor Premier is comprised of four (4) primary modules – UI Tax Processor, UI Integrity Warehouse, Collections Manager, and Audit Manager. The product provides an open technical design and a set of integrated shared services that provide vast flexibility for reusing services, integrating other products and a variety of supporting technical infrastructure options.

As a fully integrated solution, unique functionality and capabilities are encapsulated within each module, thereby avoiding unnecessary system redundancy and improving overall operational efficiency. Capabilities that are common and required by more than one module are provided by integrated shared services (e.g., Case Management/Workflow and Correspondence Management).

As a true Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution for Labor agencies, Labor Premier provides the following advantages and benefits:

  • By driving processing through the use of a Business Rules Engine (BRE) and configurable parameters, system changes are simplified, therefore reducing implementation time and lowering system maintenance and enhancement costs.
  • With a true modular implementation approach and flexible, configurable and extendible business rules, Labor Premier gives Labor agencies the flexibility and adaptability to implement the system into their environment, leveraging existing assets if desired, and, in the future, manage changes to business rules without software code changes and vendor assistance.
  • By implementing RSI’s UI Integrity Warehouse within Labor Premier, RSI’s data driven proven approach to tax and benefits integrity management can further enable your agency to make better decisions with more certainty. For example, the agency can make better decisions on how to allocate limited staff to the pool of claimant and employer cases.
  • Increases user performance and streamline training with a modern, configurable web user interface, workflow and case actions that are automated based on user defined business rules.
  • With Labor Premier, agencies will have access to all of their data, be able to integrate with third party tools and enjoy best-of-breed and cost-effective technical infrastructure options both now and well into the future.
  • Leverages a modern, open standards, Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and highly configurable design providing choices for integration and extensibility over the long term. This provides the agency vast choices, providing the means for the system to be easily adapted to your preferences in technology and integrated with other agency or state applications.
  • The SOA-based architecture and RSI’s implementation methodology allows Labor Premier modules to be implemented together as a full solution offering, individually as a point solution (e.g., UI Integrity Warehouse or Collections Manager), or together with existing agency assets.
  • Provides robust system administration functions to enable agency managed operations.
  • Flexible licensing options provide your agency the opportunity to decide how to support, maintain and upgrade the system over the long term.
  • Through the SOA-based architecture, Business Rules Engine and functionally rich UI capabilities, Labor Premier supports your business today and enables you to adapt to tomorrow’s needs. When implementing a COTS solution, an agency should not have to change its business processes to accommodate the new software, but rather have the flexibility to configure and administer the new solution to meet their specific business needs. Labor Premier allows for modifiable and extensible business rules, is able to integrate new services and provides access to data for better decision making.

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