Our Clients

RSI has been working with, and providing state of the art solutions and professional IT services to government agencies since 1996.  Many of those agencies have implemented RSI's flagship Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution, Revenue Premier®.  The following is a list of RSI clients:

  • Alabama Department of Revenue
  • California Board of Equalization
  • Baldwin County Commission
  • California Franchise Tax Board
  • City and County of Denver, Colorado, Revenue Division
  • City of Auburn, Alabama
  • City of Birmingham, Alabama
  • City of Hoover, Alabama
  • City of Huntsville, Alabama
  • City of Los Angeles, California, Tax and Permit Division
  • City of Louisville, Kentucky, Revenue Commission
  • City of Mobile, Alabama
  • City of Montgomery, Alabama
  • City of Northport, Alabama
  • City of Pelham, Alabama
  • City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • City of Seattle, Washington
  • City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
  • Connecticut Department of Labor
  • Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
  • Cullman County Sales Tax, Alabama
  • Daisy Hill, Inc. (Alabama Contract Audit Firm)
  • Delaware Department of Finance, Division of Revenue
  • District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue
  • Federation of Tax Administrators
  • Georgia Department of Revenue
  • Indiana Department of Revenue
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Jefferson County Department of Revenue
  • Kansas Department of Revenue
  • Kentucky Department of Revenue
  • Maine Revenue Services
  • Maryland Comptroller of Maryland
  • Massachusetts Department of Revenue
  • Massachusetts Division of Child Support Enforcement
  • Massachusetts Department of Employment & Training
  • Minnesota Department of Revenue
  • Missouri Department of Revenue
  • Mobile County, Alabama
  • Montana Department of Revenue
  • Montgomery County Commission, Alabama
  • Multi-State Tax Clearinghouse
  • Multi-State Tax Commission
  • Nebraska Department of Revenue
  • Nevada Department of Taxation
  • Nevada Department of Workforce Programs
  • New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration
  • New Hampshire Unemployment Security Office
  • New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
  • New Mexico ONGARD (Oil, Natural Gas & Royalty System) Service Center
  • New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions
  • New York City Department of Finance
  • New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
  • North Carolina Department of Revenue
  • Ohio Department of Employment Security
  • Ohio Department of Taxation
  • Oregon Department of Revenue
  • Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
  • Pittsburgh, PA Department of Finance
  • Revenue Discovery Systems, Inc. (Contact Audit Firm, Alabama)
  • Rhode Island Division of Taxation
  • Saskatchewan Government, Ministry of Finance
  • Tuscaloosa County Tax Board, Alabama
  • Washington State Department of Revenue
  • Washington Employment Security Department

Reaching a six-to-one return on investment, the Rhode Island Division of Taxation
also accrued a number of intangible but equally significant benefits since the project start.

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RSI is pleased to announce a contract with the Ohio Department of Taxation
for a New Field Audit Solution.

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