Press Release 10-12-07

DiscoverTax® Implementation for the Rhode Island Division of Taxation

October 12, 2007.  Pembroke, MA – Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a company that specializes in providing revenue and compliance management products and services specifically to federal, state and local government revenue agencies, is pleased to announce the recently signed contract with the Rhode Island Division of Taxation (RI TAX), which has selected RSI’s DiscoverTax® for their Data Warehouse implementation.

This Project represents RSI’s first work in the State of Rhode Island – outside of Rhode Island’s participation in the Centralized Returns Clearinghouse project — and is currently scheduled for eighteen (18) months.  The DiscoverTax® implementation, includes the following key components:

  • DiscoverTax® software installation & configuration;
  • Loading of approximately fourteen data sources;
  • Configuration of one Individual Non-filer compliance program;
  • Implementation of a gateway to interface DiscoverTax® with the legacy mainframe tax system;
  • Development of OLAP cubes for analyzing Individual tax returns and statistics of income;
  • Statistical modeling to prioritize Audit and Collection cases;
  • Deployment of the SAS Business Intelligence (BI) Suite; and,
  • End-user training.

RSI’s scope of work will be performed in two (2) phases – Phases A & B.  Phase A will focus on Individual data sources and the non-filer compliance program.  The focus of this phase is to quickly increase revenue by leveraging RSI’s experience with the profitable IRMF Non-filer program.

Phase B will focus on loading Business data sources, OLAP and statistical modeling.

DiscoverTax® is a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software package developed specifically to combat the growing compliance “tax gap.” DiscoverTax® provides tax agencies with a state-of-the-art tax data warehouse solution which interconnects data from multiple sources creating a single entity or portfolio view of a business or individual taxpayer. These comprehensive taxpayer portfolios increase the overall effectiveness of an agency’s compliance initiatives by targeting agency resources to truly non-compliant accounts, resulting in accurate and revenue maximizing detection and recovery of tax dollars. The DiscoverTax® system components support all phases of the compliance lifecycle from data loading and lead selection to case management, audit support and recovery.