Press Release 11-22-13

Revenue Solutions, Inc. Selected to Implement a Personal Income Tax Refund Fraud Prevention Solution for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

As one of the largest revenue agencies in the US, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (PA DOR) processes approximately six million Personal Income Tax returns per year. For tax year 2011 (processing year 2012), the Department issued 1,955,874 refunds totaling $453,826,567.

The Department’s effective administration of Personal Income Tax requires the Department to accurately process returns in a timely fashion and to protect the Commonwealth from the negative impacts of fraudulent refund claims. The Department is also looking to improve overall current refund examination processes with the objective of maximizing efficiency.

RSI will implement its Refund Fraud Prevention Solution using components of Revenue Premier®, including the Portfolio Warehouse and TaxAnalytics Framework, to accurately and effectively detect and assist in resolution of fraudulent refund claims while not impacting the timely processing of Personal Income Tax returns and refund claims.

The Personal Income Tax Refund Fraud Prevention project started in mid-August 2013 in Harrisburg, PA and the team is working to have the solution live for the processing of tax year 2013. Once live, RSI will continue to operate and improve the solution through June 2016.

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