Press Release 3-1-11

Revenue Solutions, Inc. and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Revenue complete their Modernized e-Filing program

March 1, 2011.  Pembroke, MA – Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a company that specializes in providing revenue and compliance management products and services specifically to Federal, State and Municipal government revenue, labor and child support agencies, is pleased to announce the completion of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (PADOR) Modernized e-Filing program initiative.  This initiative automated the transmission of electronic Federal Personal Income tax, Corporate tax and Partnership tax returns with the PADOR’s tax systems through an initiative from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) called the Modernized e-File (MeF) program.

The number of tax returns filed through the IRS MeF system increases annually and therefore it is critical that States prepare now for this new MeF platform. The IRS requires all States to have completed their MeF transition by 2012. PADOR required their MeF implementation to be completed in 2011, allowing for system stabilization prior to the implementation deadline. The project, from start to finish, completed in just 11 months.

The IRS Federal/State MeF program allows the electronic filing of both Federal and State income tax returns at the same time. The MeF system is a replacement of the current IRS tax return filing technology with a modernized, Internet-based electronic filing platform. This transaction based system allows tax return originators to transmit returns electronically to the IRS in real-time, improving turnaround times.

RSI’s MeF solution provides the Department of Revenue real-time processing of tax returns, payments and extensions that improve error-detection, standardizes business rules and makes them easier to understand, and expedites acknowledgements.” – Meggan Swisher, Director, Taxpayer Services & Information Center.

RSI has utilized its extensive tax processing background and MeF knowledge to develop a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) MeF software package that enables agencies to rapidly transition to the new platform, and also provides agencies compliance with the IRS MeF program. RSI’s solution supports all tax types currently available for processing via MeF (Individual Income, Corporate and Partnership).  RSI’s MeF solution is designed in a manner that readily enables additional tax types to be supported as they become available in the future for MeF processing. RSI offers a complete set of services to MeF customers ranging from planning and project management to implementation and maintenance.

“With increasing emphasis on a quick turnaround and communication to taxpayers, as well as usage of electronic media for filing tax returns to the IRS and State agencies, we at RSI are pleased that our work and product offering helped improve an electronic filing option for Pennsylvanians.”  Paul Morris, RSI Vice President of Sales and Marketing

About Revenue Solutions, Inc.
RSI’s mission, since incorporating in 1996, is to assist government agencies realize their business objectives and achieve significant results from information technology investments. RSI partners with clients on IT initiatives to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency and maximize compliance. Federal, State and Municipal government agencies rely on RSI’s extensive expertise in business and technical domains. With a dedicated team of full-time business and information systems consultants and a suite of software solutions, RSI is one of the largest organizations of its kind dedicated exclusively to tax, labor and child support agencies.