Press Release 7-31-06

RSI Wins the South Carolina Department of Revenue Integrated Tax System Project

July 31, 2006. Pembroke, MA – Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a company that specializes in providing revenue and compliance management products and services specifically to federal, state and local government revenue agencies, is pleased to announce the recently signed contract with the South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) for the South Carolina Integrated Tax System (SCITS).

The SCITS project represents a strategic partnership between the SCDOR and RSI to design, build and implement a robust Integrated Tax System (ITS) that centralizes the core processing and data management for all the taxes that the SCDOR administers. SCITS will improve the SCDOR’s ability to administer the taxes and support the taxpayers of South Carolina. The new system will be built on a modernized information system platform and will retain the existing functionality of the Department’s current tax processing systems, while implementing new capabilities and business improvements that increase productivity, reduce overall cost of ownership, and help the SCDOR meet their strategic goals.

The SCITS project, which began on July 10th, is currently scheduled for four years and will follow a phased implementation strategy – adding functionality with each subsequent release.