RSI Wins South Carolina Tax Data Warehouse Project

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RSI Wins South Carolina Tax Data Warehouse Project

July 5, 2004. Pembroke, MA – The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SC DOR) has selected Revenue Solutions, Inc (RSI) DiscoverTax® product for their Data Warehouse Technology to Identify Uncollected Revenues Project.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SC DOR) administers thirty-two (32) taxes, collecting more than $6.1 billion annually. SC DOR’s mission is to administer the tax laws of the state and to collect taxes in a manner that ensures public confidence in their integrity, effectiveness, and fairness. The successful administration of this level of taxation is based upon the ability to compare data from both internal and external data sources for use in the identification of areas of non-compliance, needs for taxpayer education, and enforcement of tax laws and regulations.

The SC DOR will use RSI’s DiscoverTax® product to help achieve these results. DiscoverTax® is a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software package developed specifically to combat the growing compliance “tax gap.” DiscoverTax® provides tax agencies with a state-of-the-art tax data warehouse solution which interconnects data from multiple sources creating a single entity or portfolio view of a business or individual taxpayer. These comprehensive taxpayer portfolios increase the overall effectiveness of an agency’s compliance initiatives by targeting agency resources to truly non-compliant accounts, resulting in accurate and revenue maximizing detection and recovery of tax dollars. The DiscoverTax® system components support all phases of the compliance lifecycle from data loading and lead selection to case management, audit support and recovery.

The contract duration is five (5) years and includes hardware installation, DiscoverTax® installation & configuration, a full range of multi-year individual and business compliance programs, predictive modeling/scoring for audit selection and collection account management, and business/technical user training. This engagement will be a true partnership between RSI and the SC DOR – RSI will provide implementation project management, the DiscoverTax® data warehouse solution, implementation services and compliance program subject matter experts. The SC DOR will provide key stakeholder oversight, client project management, subject matter experts and recovery services to pursue the identified non-compliance leads.

About RSI

Incorporated in 1996, RSI’s mission is to streamline government operations and improve citizen services through the delivery of transformative technologies. RSI partners with clients on information technology initiatives to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency and maximize compliance. Federal, State and Municipal government agencies rely on RSI’s extensive expertise in business and technical domains. With a dedicated team of full-time business and information systems consultants and a suite of software solutions, RSI is one of the largest organizations of its kind dedicated exclusively to government agencies, including tax and labor.

Revenue Premier®, RSI’s flagship product, provides an integrated, functional and advanced technical solution to support the processing, tax accounting and compliance functions of a revenue agency. Revenue Premier is comprised of four (4) primary modules – Integrated Tax Processor, Collections Manager, Portfolio Warehouse and Audit Manager. Revenue Premier boasts an open technical design and a set of shared services which provide vast flexibility for reusing services, integrating other products and a variety of supporting technical infrastructure options.

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