RSI Works

Getting claimants back to work

Connecting claimants to jobs as a part of filing Initial and Weekly Claims

As the economy reopens, connecting claimants to jobs becomes the highest priority. States offer many tools for claimants to utilize for performing their job search. In most environments, however, the job search and the filing of claims are two different processes. RSI Works brings the job search into the claim and certification filing process.

RSI Works is designed to work with any web-based claims system. With a simple inclusion of a secure page navigation to RSI Works, a job search function is presented to the claimant as an unobtrusive part of the filing process. Instead of filing to get paid then going to another system, RSI Works brings the job search to the claimant.

Using key data elements, RSI Works searches LinkedIN and your state's preferred job database to present qualifying jobs to the claimant, with links to apply for the jobs. RSI Works then asks the claimant in the following week what they did with the jobs presented the prior weeks. Examples of questions are: Did you apply? Were these good matches? Were they too far away?

RSI Works uses the claimant feedback to intelligently improve the job search, provide information to the agency about the claimants, and potentially identify disqualification issues. The entire focus of RSI Works is to get claimants back to work sooner and reduce the number of weeks paid.

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