Revenue Premier

Designed specifically for the Tax and Revenue industry, Revenue Solutions, Inc.’s (RSI) Revenue Premier® provides an integrated, highly functional and advanced technical solution to support the processing, tax accounting and compliance functions of a tax agency. Revenue Premier is comprised of four primary integrated modules: Integrated Tax Processor, Collections Manager, Portfolio Warehouse and Audit Manager. Revenue Premier boasts an open technical design and a set of shared services which provide vast flexibility for reusing services, integrating other products and supporting a variety of technical infrastructure options. Revenue Premier’s integrated Business Rules Management System provides maximum control over system behavior and tailoring of the solution to an agency’s own policies, without base-code modifications.

As a fully integrated solution, unique functionality and capabilities are encapsulated within each module, thereby avoiding unnecessary system redundancy and improving overall operational efficiency. Capabilities that are common and required by more than one module are provided by integrated shared services, such as the Decision Analytics/Business Intelligence Framework, Case Management/Workflow, Correspondence Management and Administration Services.

Revenue Premier employs a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that enables flexible and efficient integration of modules and services, as well as integration with other agency systems, external systems and third-party software. This architecture allows Revenue Premier modules to be implemented together as a full solution offering, individually as a point solution (e.g., tax data warehouse or collections system), or together with existing agency software assets. The solution provides options for a phased-implementation approach that meets each customer’s specific needs and desired pace of modernization.


Some RSI clients have implemented the compliance modules alongside legacy tax processing systems to extend and enhance the valuable life of their existing software assets. For example, one state agency first implemented the Portfolio Warehouse and Collections Manager modules to drive tens of millions of additional revenue benefits and then implemented the Integrated Tax Processor and Audit Manager modules at a later time — phasing in the tax types in a logical and controlled manner.

RSI’s proven and modern SOA-based technical architecture and industry-leading integration of a robust Business Rules Management System to control system behavior, combined with functionally rich tax processing, compliance and data warehouse capabilities and multiple implementation options, differentiates RSI’s Revenue Premier from all other products on the market today. This reflects a new raised level of expectations for functionality, configurability, interoperability and flexibility in enabling system technology.

As the true "Next-generation Integrated Revenue Enterprise Management Solution" for Tax and Revenue agencies, Revenue Premier provides the following advantages and benefits:

  • A modular system that enables phased-implementation approaches and delivers fully configurable and extensible business rules integration. Revenue Premier provides agencies with the flexibility and adaptability to implement the system into their environment as they choose, leverage existing assets if desired, and — in the future — manage changes to business rule logic without code modifications and vendor support.
  • By integrating RSI’s industry-leading revenue portfolio data warehouse within Revenue Premier, RSI’s data-driven, proven approach to compliance enables tax agencies to make better decisions with more certainty. This is seen in registration (e.g., do we have history with this responsible person and were they a good taxpayer?), processing (e.g., is this a fraudulent return?) and accounting (e.g., are locality taxes being correctly reported?) while leveraging the data warehouse for improved detection of non-registration, non- filers and under-reporters.
  • Built from the ground up on modern, open, and proven technologies, Revenue Premier has greater system longevity, more cost-effective technical infrastructure and hosting options and a lower long-term cost of ownership than other products.
  • With Revenue Premier, agencies have complete, unrestricted access to all of their data, the capability to integrate with other best-of-breed third-party tools and services, and the benefit of ongoing functional improvements as providers of those integrated components continue to innovate in the broader marketplace.
  • RSI, dedicated exclusively to the Tax and Revenue industry with over 250 successful projects, brings a highly experienced and tax knowledgeable team, providing less implementation risk and a genuine focus on business results.
  • Flexible licensing and maintenance options enable agencies to chart their own course for support, maintenance and system upgrades.

Each of the primary Revenue Premier modules and integrated shared services shown above, are summarized in the following pages.

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